cbd mission


CBD focuses on providing people with accommodating access to health care and by applying safe yet effective therapies and treatments.  These are clinically proven tools for decreasing nagging aches and pains, as well as decelerating natural age-related degeneration.  Positive outcomes are gained by re-engaging our cornerstone spine and by restructuring the body's joints in a rejuvenating dynamic but resilient environment.

Chiropractic & kinesiology


​CBD specialities

CBD is an established Health Care Cooperative that is also a blueprint for communities envisioning the happy and hardy goal of improving overall health, fitness, and wellness. We are here to build valuable partnerships and relationships dedicated to direct action. Our clinical care provides a kind foundation for urgent pain relief and functional improvement, as well as injury prevention.

This unique paradigm is achieved through patient education of evolutionary fitness and research methods, as well as support from friends and neighbours like you.

4 Sydenham Street, Kitchener, ON, N2P 1X1

cornerstonebodydynamics@gmail.com                    519-722-3207 or 226-868-2002

At CBD, we specialize in safe and efficient drug-free, non-invasive, goal-directed, evidence-based care for a wide range of general and specific conditions associated with disability, dysfunction, and discomfort. 

Primary Care includes Spinal Decompression and/or Chiropractic. Secondary Care includes Heat, Ice, Electrotherapy, Exercise and Nutrition.