Chiropractic & kinesiology


Evidence Based Care for Low Back Pain

Dr. Janice Lichti is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutrition Specialist, and Photographer.
Mr. Mitchell Snider is a Registered Kinesiologist, MovNat Level 2 Trainer, and Cannabis Coach.

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GOAL:           Reduce Pain & Suffering to Improve Function & Efficiency for Humans

                      and Animals Alike. NEW Veterinary Laser Therapy NOW Available!

PURPOSE:    Provide Safe and Effective Injury & Accident Treatment to Training

                      Programs for Optimal Rehabilitation and Performance Maintenance

SERVICES:   Chiropractic - Zenith Thompson Table, Activator, Dolphin MPS Neurostim, 

                                               Custom Foot Orthotics, AOR & MetaGenics Supplements

                     Kinesiology - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Theralase Therapeutic Laser, Oxygen Enhancement, RockTape,

                                              MovNat Workshops, Stretch & Flex Classes, Cannabis Coaching, Hot Stone Massage

FOR:             Muscle & Joint Pain, Edema & Inflammation, Disc Bulge, Herniation & Degeneration, Arthritis & Osteoporosis, Sciatica & Stenosis,

                      Neuropathy, Bone Spur & Pinched Nerve, Fractures & Fasciitis & Facet Syndrome, Sprains & Strains & Scars, Concussions, etc.

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We provide health care, fitness, wellness education, as well as support in accessing products, services, community programs and public wellness outreach.‚Äč